Goose mobile
Use this pattern to make a single flying goose or a whole gaggle of 'em!

Print out the pattern.

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Cut out all the pieces along the solid purple lines.
  2. Fold the goose body in half along the dotted red line. The printed side of the paper should be showing.
  3. Fold the wings back down along the dotted red lines.
  4. Glue or tape the two halves of the body together.
  5. Glue the wing shape over the goose body.
  6. Cut slits along the dotted red lines at the back end of the goose body. Slide the tail shape into the slits. Tape or glue the tail in place.
  7. Cut a piece of thread about 2 inches long. Tape each end to the top of each wing to form a half loop. You may need to move the loop to be sure your goose flies correctly. If the head points down, move the loop toward the front edge of the wings. If the head points up, move the loop toward the back edge of the wings.
  8. Cut another, longer piece of thread. Tie one end of this thread to the middle of the loop. Tie the other end to a cardboard clothes hanger rod.
  9. Add as many geese to your mobile as you like!
goose mobile4.gif