The thought of touching a slimy animal might make you say, “Ugh.” Slimy animals aren't exactly cuddly. They have slippery skins. They usually live where it's wet or dark.

Slimy critters include amphibians (am-FIB-ee-yenz) like frogs, salamanders and newts. Worms and soft-bodied animals like snails and leeches are also covered in slime. As a rule, slimy animals have smooth skin without scales. The skin oozes wet stuff called mucus (MYEW-kus) that keeps the skin from drying out. It also protects the body from scrapes and scratches.

Many slimy animals have a secret weapon. Their slime is poisonous! Animals that try to eat them get a bite full of bad taste.

Slimy animals usually live in or near water. Or, they hide out in damp, dark places during the day. This keeps them from drying out.

Some slimy animals, like salamanders, actually breathe through their slimy skin! They don't have lungs like we do to take in oxygen.